Mario Nava Spa Paganoni Division: Wear resistant coatings for long-lasting and high-quality solutions

mario nava Marchio Kerblack OKEstablished in the Seventies as Division of Mario Nava Spa, over the years Paganoni has specialized in the production of wear-resistant coatings for drawing machines. Thanks to their high wear-resistance properties, Paganoni products can in fact draw any type of metal and non-metal wire, attaining excellent results in terms of life and quality of the end product. The range of solutions proposed by the division includes: coatings based on special tungsten carbides, like COLDSIDE® and the “cast” WOLSIDE®, a coating based on chrome oxide (KERBLACK®) and based on nickel (NIKSINT®) and sintered ceramics made of zirconium oxide-based components and other special minerals. (KERSINT®). Besides, Paganoni offers also a renovation service of capstans, pulleys, wire guides and worn-out cones that allows recovering the geometries of worn-out parts, through the use of KERBLACK®, WOLSIDE® or COLDSIDE® coatings. In this way, it is possible to bring to new life various product types, gaining efficiency and economic saving. Finally Paganoni, division of Mario Nava SpA, customizes its services by implementing mechanical components upon customers’ specific designs.

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