OMD: Customized solutions for spring manufacturers

OMD 2 - Gabriella Kunz, Officina Meccanica Domaso OKFounded by Emil Kunz in 1949, the Como company OMD has become leader in the production of machines for the spring manufacturing and machining. After years of experience gained in the implementation of wire working, chamfering and grinding machines for the car industry, OMD succeeded in fact in developing new technologies and adapting them to the spring manufacturing industry. Therefore, today the company offers a wide range of products and services such as: spring grinding machines, coiling machines, torsion spring coiling machines and bending machines realized for the manufacturing of torsion or tension springs, coiling benches for cold and hot coiled springs , chamfering machines and cold setting or hot setting equipment, completed by integrated products like payoffs, furnaces, control and measuring instruments for the spring manufacturing. Besides, the Domaso company implements tailor-made solutions, customized according to customers’ specific needs. Other products are manufactured in compliance with this customer satisfaction policy, like Multi Former – machine studied for the production of springs with whatever shape and/or bent components and coiling benches for the automated production of compression or torsion springs, left and/or right coiled, with or without shafts Finally, thanks to the collaboration with spring manufacturers of proven experience, OMD grants prompt high-level advising to its customers.

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