Strategic partnership for Tkt, in Russia

The Tkt Group has consolidated a collaboration relationship with its exclusive agent and distributor for Russia and Ukraine, Weber Comechanics, headquartered in Moscow, giving birth to a real strategic partnership.
The agreement provides for the presence of dedicated technical personnel, at central level and on the territory, and a deposit of Tecnovo© lubricants and Koner© dies that will permit more punctual operating efficiency and higher response speed to customers’ needs. All that in compliance with a strategy of “just in time” work. TkT Group since 1945 has been producing with the brand Tecnovo lubricants and chemical auxiliaries for metal wire drawing and machining, while Koner holds a forefront position in the sector of drawing dies thanks to a research and innovation policy, both in terms of process and of technology, and to the constant collaboration in the global solution of customers’ problems.

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