50 years of activity for Invimec

Thanks to its know-how and to its innovative spirit, 50 years after its foundation, today Invimec iinvimec1s market leader in rolling and cold forming solutions . Established in Vicenza in 1963 for the production of machine tools and special machines for the mechanical, plastic, textile and automotive sectors, over the years it has specialized in the production of forming machines and roll machines for small and medium batches. In 1996 it setup new, wider headquarters in the outskirts of Vicenza and starting from 2000 it has developed a new range of rolling mills for the industrial sector of the metal wire and strip, such as the rolling mill with independent heads for wire, strip, plate and squashed wires. Today Invimec boasts the widest and most diversified range of solutions, from the simplest and cheapest to the most technologically advanced, in the sector of wire, profile, strip and tube rolling, as well as in the implementation of rolling cylinders and rollers, formed rolls, shears and rotary knives. With installations present in Italy and abroad, in all continents, thanks to the streamlined and dynamic corporate structure, oriented to listen to customers’ needs and to solve them with the best available technologies. Winning weapon of the company is the tandem multi-cage modularity of its rolling mills, configurable and customizable according to specific requirements, also combining rolling and forming modules to obtain rolled/formed products. 

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