OMD: machine for the wire industry

foto GOMD  produces grinding machines for springs, coiling machines, twisting and bending machines for the torsion or tension spring coiling, coiling benches for the cold or hot coiling, chamfering machines and cold or hot settling devices, as well as machines upon customers’ specific need. OMD, availing itself of the collaboration of competent and experienced spring makers, offers its customers consulting and complete plants in Italy and abroad, for the manufacturing of springs, especially for valve springs, springs for clutches and injectors. Moreover, it supplies a complete range of integrated products such as furnaces, coils, measuring and control instruments for the entire spring manufacturing. Established in 1949 by Emil Kunz, OMD started its activity producing machines for the various industrial branches, specializing in the manufacturing of machines for the metal wire machining, burring machines and grinders for the automotive industry. In over 60 years of activity, OMD was able to develop new technologies, many of which patented, standing out as one of the leader producers of machines for the spring making sector.



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