OMAS: a successful service for almost forty years

foto E - OmasAn all-round high quality service. As the one offered by Omas, company specialized in the manufacturing of automatic bending machines for metal wire and strip. Since 1976, year of its foundation, the company Omas has in fact proposed a complete service that assures excellent results from both the technical point of view and in terms of safety and environmental impact. As witnessed by the various products manufactured by the company. Among them, decoilers, motorised coils – fruit of the experience gained over the years – and able to satisfy the constant demands of the market, and Welding, the family of machines devised to carry out welded components, which satisfies the requirements of various industrial sectors, such as automotive, household appliances, building industry and agriculture. As completion of Omas products: Multislides, machines that allow the production of batches with big quantities of pieces, CNC “Advance and Fold”, ideal for the implementation of medium-small batches, with frequent changeovers and Special, which includes machines belonging to different product families – or manufactured by using modules – and therefore granting solutions for whatever requirement type. Finally, Omas proposes also special accessories, such as for instance Electronic Press, Electronic Tool Changing and Punching-Coining. Recently released the news about the enlargement of the range of welding modules with the implementation of the first plant equipped with laser welding. That system, specifically implemented for the automotive industry, will be applicable on all the plants belonging to the Series Multislide and Bull Bending.


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