Cometo: MTF22 wire-straightening machine

foto CCometo, the company headquartered at Annone Brianza (LC) specialized in the production of equipment for the metal wire, cable and tube industry, presents MTF22, the wire-straightening machine with chamfering systemVery silent, MTF22 is perfect for chamfering wires from 3.0 to 6.0 mm and it is also suitable for straightening and cutting materials with diameter from 0.8 to 6.0 mm. Besides, thanks to the roll straightening system, the Cometo-branded machine is suitable also for processing different wires: round, square, hex and profiles and other shapes as well, and it is ideal for straightening materials such as steel, copper or aluminium, without any risk of surface scratching. Besides, MTF22 can be properly configured to satisfy all customer requirements, using wire-straighteners of different sizes, three different feeder typologies and two different sizes of cutting units. This thanks to the sturdy electrowelded frame on which the machine is assembled. Concerning the chamfering system, the SM12 unit performs a “V” incision on the straightened wire, then the unit cuts it in the incision spot. The chamfering unit can chamfer on one end only, on both ends and it can also be by-passed. Finally, MTF22 is user friendly. To set the cutting length, it is in fact sufficient to set the parameter of the wished length by digitizing it on the touchscreen. Besides, it is possible to set the feeding speed from 5% to 100% of the maximum speed. Cometo has also made some improvements in the straightening machine for the cutting and marking of Tig MTF20 rods. The machine is now provided with soundproof casing thanks to which the use of earplugs will be no longer necessary. Besides, they have optimized the channel where the wire is guided before cutting and marking and they have improved the synchronization of the motorized decoiler SVO1000 with the MTF machine. These modifications allow granting a maximum production of 90 Tig rods, length of 1000 mm, per minute.


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