New I.LE.S automated lines

foto EI.LE.S. Forni Industriali presents its new range of unmanned automated lines for heat treatments of stabilization, tempering, structural hardening, ageing, pre-heating and stress-relieving. The lines are composed by horizontal-chamber electrical furnace with forced air circulation, with maximum operation temperature of 700 °C, with high thermal efficiency, obtained through: insulation with state-of-the-art ecologic ceramic fibres, arranged in several layers with differentiated density, without thermal bridges; wire heating elements, without mass, directly positioned in the air circuit; patented vitrification of the surfaces in contact with air; special shape of the inner deflector and of the air circulation fan. All these elements allow obtaining spatially in the chamber temperature uniformity according to the AMS 2750 D and CQI9 regulations; magazine with two, four, six and eight pockets. The main characteristics of the new range are: loading capacity for each magazine position from 500 to 3000 kg; fume and odour exhauster; dedicated software for the total unmanned management; memorization of 60 different treatment cycles; a supervision with advanced diagnostics, for the control of the production and of anomalies; telecommunication system through SMS, for sending diagnostics messages to more users, depending on the event and on a videographic recorder for the product certification, prearranged for the connection with the company’s computer net.

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