Schlatter Industries: new fast changeover welding machine

foto D convertitoWith the new MG950 system, Schlatter Industries AG has developed a new welding machine for meshes, in the forefront for the production of industrial meshes, with stainless steel, galvanized and black wire, and applications for oven grids, nets for the food and furniture industry. The company’s target was to widen the machine range with a flexible plant, able to satisfy the different geometries demanded by the market offering fast changeovers, high productive flexibility and high quality. The new MG950 welding machine for meshes has been conceived with special guides that allow a fast changeover. To be able to produce complex meshes in economic way, MG950 is also equipped with a system with double current circuit, to have simultaneously different welding forces. In this way you can simultaneously weld more wires with a press. Thanks to the new measuring system of MG950, it is possible to position the guides of the longitudinal wires according to the programmed mesh, in precise manner. An aid system for the integrated welding, which allows producing the first mesh already in the desired quality. A new calculation system is instead available for occasional productions, to position the channels of the longitudinal wires, an enormous advantage in presence of similar products, because it is necessary to move only the channels of the longitudinal ones. Finally, it is worth reminding the economic advantages: in the new MG950, trimming heads are mounted close to the welding line, thus avoiding a further trimming station with linear extractor. Besides, the modularity principle of Schlatter plants allows entering the mesh market with a moderate investment, thanks to a simple, flexible and easily enlargeable plant.

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