METALUBE’s Academy hosted in Manchester

metalube-academyMETALUBE organized from its headquarters in Manchester its first ever Academy. With 13 guests attending from across Europe, China, Turkey, Egypt and the UAE, the Academy was designed to keep both distributors and agents abreast of new and existing product ranges as well as provide them with essential sales tools.

Douglas Hunt, Commercial Director, Metalube Ltd says: “We had a great couple of days and it’s been really productive to have so many of our international team together. Product knowledge is an essential sales skill and fully understanding our products’ features allows our representatives to present the benefits accurately and persuasively. We know that customers respond to enthusiastic sales staff who are passionate about their products and eager to share the benefits with them.”

METALUBE manufactures a range of industrial wire rope lubricants and many other high performance industrial lubricants. This experienced exporter employs 34 people and has offices in China, India and Brazil.

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