Rosendahl has developed a PEEK-specific extrusion line

rosendahl56Rosendahl has developed a new technology that optimally processes sensitive materials, such as PEEK. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a high temperature thermoplastic and belongs to the group of Polyaryletherketones. The material’s special characteristics are required in many industries such as aviation and aerospace, automotive, oil production, and high voltage technology. PEEK has a melting point of 335°C, which is a challenge for cable production. The material is highly temperature sensitive and allows only small processing latitude. This requires quite different line and screw geometry compared to other materials.

Rosendahl has developed a PEEK-specific extrusion line that supports the special material properties while processing at perfect and constant temperature with low shear-rate. Rosendahl has configured its ROEX extruder and its RX crosshead to precisely meet these exact requirements. The outstanding results are setting new standards in special cable production. Rosendahl’s PEEK extrusion line supports single and double layer applications.

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