Cimteq is increasing business around the world

cimteq2Good start of the year 2015 for cable and design manufacturing company Cimteq. With multiple new business wins under their belt it is easy to see why this rapidly growing company is quickly becoming the leading producer of Cable manufacturing technology around the globe.

Amongst its activities this year Cimteq has provided a bespoke solution for EIS Wire & Cable. The Massachusetts based company came to Cimteq looking to replace an existing, out of date system with a platform that would allow them more functionality whilst streamlining their existing systems into a single operating entity. Cimteq’s CableBuilder software offered the perfect solution allowing EIS to service their customers more efficiently whilst still delivering their exacting standards of quality.

In addition the speciality wire and cable manufacturer, Nuhas Oman have recently started using CableBuilder to aid them in their product design and manufacturing, particularly in relation to power cables. The Middle Eastern based company was attracted to CableBuilder for its ability to automate many steps of their design and costing procedure, the platform can be seamlessly integrated with their existing systems ensuring minimum disruption to production.

Further deals with Habia, located in Sweden and across Datwyler‘s Chinese, Swiss and Czech Republic plants have also been agreed. Both projects will allow Cimteq to transform the productivity, efficiency and as a direct result profitability of both businesses. Habia will see a complete change in the way they work in terms of design and quotations with several outdated systems being replaced by two streamlined, completely compatible and integrated systems. Cimteq are extremely enthusiastic about this new installation and look forward to assisting Habia during the year.

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