In Düsseldorf, the future of the wire industry


From 7th to 11th April 2014, by Düsseldorf Fairgrounds, Wire & Tube, events dedicated to the metal wire, to the electrical cable and to the tube will be held. During the exhibition about 2500 exhibitors will present the innovations of the metal wire, cable and tube industry, with stands in the 15 exhibition halls: a meeting absolutely not to be missed by sector players. As for each edition, the concomitance of the two trade fairs is expected to give birth to precious synergistic effects: an important preliminary condition if we consider that the financial crisis occurred at the end of the last decade violently burst out also in the metal wire industry. In spite of that, the short term upswing business trend has boosted business and now the production is at full rate again. The metal wire industry is then focusing on rising Countries like China, Brazil and India and the same is true also for Arab Countries. Joys and sorrows of the sector largely depend on the automotive industry and on the machinery construction sector, which remain the main customers of the wire metal products. Some data: In 2012 steel tube manufacturer produced about 150 million tons, never so many before, mainly thanks to the exponential growth of the production in China, where the steel production rose by 11%, reaching 74 million tons. China’s share in the world production of steel tubes has then jumped to 49.5%. To facilitate the contacts between participating companies and rising Countries, Wire 2014 and Tube 2014 intend to support both exhibitors and visitors in the networking activity.

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