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With an outlook facing forward

Pietro Tocchetti, owner and production manager of Cometo

Pursuing the long-term target of always developing new equipment and new machinery, in line with customers’ requirements and the market evolutions, this year Cometo celebrates 30 years of activity lived in the name of reliability and competence. This was the subject matter treated with Pietro Tocchetti, owner and production manager

What fundamental elements characterize the operating philosophy of your Company?

Our operating philosophy has its central pivot in the customer satisfaction. This is the basis of the crucial points connected with the product and service quality, the prompt answer and the delivery timeliness, without forgetting fairly competitive prices.

What are your main strong points?

First of all, I would say the warehouse of ready-to-use components, which allows us to deliver our finished products in very short times. Then there is undoubtedly our technical design office, enriched by our capability of meeting customers’ demands with specific customizations and modifications, with flexibility and willingness. Besides, it is worth mentioning our fleet of high-quality cutting edge machines, which allows us to obtain products with equal quality level at competitive costs.

Double Cometo straightener, with all adjustable rolls, suitable for applications that require high precision degree

What are your daily targets and long-term ones?

In everyday life, the goal is always to reach the customer satisfaction, which is stably at the first place for us. It is strictly linked with this, obviously, the target of keeping quality constant and of accomplishing job orders in due times. In the long term, the target is instead the development of constantly new equipment and new machines, meeting customers’ needs and in line with the market evolutions. In few words: always looking ahead.

How have you gained your customers’ confidence?

In 30 years of activity, we have constantly worked with seriousness and professionalism and our operating philosophy has always rewarded us. Honesty and conformity to promises, coupled with the objective factors just mentioned that constitute our strong points, have contributed in letting us deserve customers’ confidence. Lots of them have been fidelized a long time ago and address us regularly, mainly the machine manufacturers, and real fruitful collaborations are often established with them, for the design and implementation of new equipment.

What is, in real terms, your top product?

Wire straighteners are undoubtedly our core products. Subdivided into different typologies and sizes, they constitute a notable part of our production and we can rightly define them our workhorse. The model ASM/ADM is particularly outstanding in this period. It is a steel straightener that allows excellent machining precision thanks to centesimal tolerances: for that reason it is suggested on machines for the production of springs and screws, wire bending machines and other machines for special processes and applications where the straightening precision is a critical element. It is available both in single version (ASM), with all the rolls arranged on two rows, on a single fixing surface, and in double version (ADM), with two single planes assembled at 90° through a union angle plate.

Powered wire pay off with vertical coil rotation axis, linear dancer and maximum allowed load 1000 kg, new Cometo product

Do you in-house implement all machining or do you turn to external suppliers, too?

We carry out in-house almost all machining phases. Starting from the design, to which we pay great attention, relying on highly skilled personnel and on a state-of-the-art 3D Cad design system, which grants the constant improvement of the existing products and the development of new projects. We also perform inside the factory turning and milling operations, availing ourselves of cutting-edge high tech machines, and we obviously execute also the assembly, supported by our well-stocked and efficient warehouse. Only grinding, heat treatments and the final burnishing are on the contrary carried out by external suppliers, all highly specialized and standing out for utmost reliability.

What is your organization like in commercial terms, in Italy and abroad?

On the national territory we directly take care of sales from our office while, as far as foreign Countries are concerned, we can rely on various representatives all over the world. We have a good coverage in markets such as France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and Poland, as well as in USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Russia and Turkey. Also our internal personnel, however, is adequately trained and knows English, French and German, thus often interfacing in direct way with foreign customers.

Finally, which weight has the activity via web in the frame of your corporate dynamics?

The new Cometo site has been conceived and moves just towards a greater and greater web use, for the various requirements. It is therefore easier and easier to meet and reach a gradually wider number of customers. It is a rich and exhaustive site, as well as intuitive in surfing and, thanks to its dynamic structure, it will be able to offer constantly the opportunity of getting updated information about products and company to visitors.

Cometo avails itself of a forefront three-dimensional design system to grant the best professionalism to customers

30 years of professionalism and specialization

Established in 1983, Cometo (Annone – LC) this year celebrates the target of 30 years of activity. Born from the determination and the intelligence of the founder Enrico Tocchetti with the precious support of his son Pietro, at that time little more than eighteen years old and today ruling the company, Cometo has constantly grown, reaching a high level of specialization and gaining over the years a position of absolute prominence in the field of the production of equipment for metal wire, cable and tube. The working method of the company has always provided the 360°-control of the production chain, from the design of equipment to the production of spare parts. Constant investments in the product development, moreover, permit Cometo to be always in the forefront, offering competitive products in terms of quality and price. In addition to the consolidated production range, which includes wire straighteners, guides, feeders, die holders, cutting units and lamination systems, Cometo currently works also at the manufacturing of complete machines for the wire straightening and cutting, coupled with wire pay offs. The production of machines at the service of the wire industry is therefore going to grow more and more, offering customized solutions, purposely studied for all needs, to customers worldwide.

The closing of the circle

«With this machine – states Pietro Tocchetti – we have in a certain sense closed the circle, coupling wire straighteners, cutting group and feeder in a complete unit that groups in itself the performances of single equipment». We are talking about the MTF machine, recently developed by Cometo and important stage of its productive activity. Suitable for the straightening and cutting of material with diameter from 0.1 to 10 mm, it can face the machining of rounds, squares, hexagons and profiles with any other shape, made of materials like steel, copper or aluminium alloys, without damaging the surface. Assembled on a sturdy electrowelded frame, the MTF machine is studied to be composed by using straightening machines of various sizes, three different types of feeders and two different dimensions of cutting units. Besides optimizing the production and decreasing delivery times, that system allows Cometo to offer machines that enable customers to position the straighteners where they want, before or after the feeding group, and to replace it in few minutes depending on the wires and the profiles to be produced. Last but not least quality of this machine is its extreme silence. To be coupled with MTF and its ideal completion is the powered SVO wire pay off, another novelty at Cometo’s.

Aerial view of Cometo Headquarters at Annone Brianza, in the Lecco productive district, always renowned for the iron machining

Suitable for unwinding hanks of round or profiled wires, up to a maximum diameter of 10 mm, it can be adapted to several other applications and integrated also into machines already in use. The height from the ground of the support surface of the coil is 500 or 750 mm; the disk on which the coil rests has a diameter of 1100 mm and can reach a maximum speed of 90 rpm. The maximum allowed load of this wire pay off is 1000 kg.


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