Wire & cable Verona 2019 are now officially open

The conference will take place between the 21st and 22nd October. The programme will include technical sessions, facility tours and laid-back social occasions. The event is presented by Ferruccio Bellina, chairman of Gruppo TKT and ACIMAF, the Italian Association of Wire and Cable Machine Manufacturers.

Ferruccio Bellina

Dear colleagues, let me briefly introduce myself: Ferruccio Bellina, President of TKT Group, which has served the wire and cable industry since 1945. I speak to you in my capacity as President of ACIMAF, the Italian Association of Wire and Cable Machinery Manufacturers. In collaboration with the Wire International Association, with whom we have solid friendships and have been in cooperation since the 90s, we are organizing an international conference on wire and cable in Verona, Italy. The conference has the support of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and ITA, Italian Trading Agency. The conference will present a program of reports of high technical and scientific value, of prestigious international companies and universities on the subject of innovations in the specific field of wire and cable. The conference will take place in the magnificent Palazzo della Gran Guardia, located in front of the historic Verona Arena, one of the most visited monuments in the world. The gala dinner will be held in the Palazzo Verità Poeta, a few steps from the conference venue. The conference will be held on 21 October 2019, and on the following day, the 22nd, delegates will be able to visit 2 plants near Verona, for wire rods, the Pittini Group Verona steelworks, and for nonferrous wires and copper cable products, Mondini Cables. The tours will conclude with a visit to the Serego Alighieri estate where the Masi  company produces an Amarone known all over the world. Visitors will be invited to a special wine tasting event, specially organized For all plant tours participants. For all information and registration you will find all the necessary details on the Wire & Cable Verona website: www.wirecable19.com.
If you are interested in attending, exhibiting, or sponsoring this event we recommend you register immediately as availabilities are limited.
The Verona conference will be an exceptional opportunity to meet all the major operators in the sector. Do do not miss this opportunity.

Company visits

Pittini Group is a steel manufacturer leader in the production of long products for construction and mechanical engineering. With an annual production of around 3 million tons, 18 production facilities and a logistics service and 1,800 employees, Pittini is a solid industrial reality oriented towards constant growth, driven by high-tech investments, product innovation and a careful environmental sustainability policy. Acciaierie di Verona, which has been part of the Pittini Group since 2015, has a long steel-making tradition. In 2016 the business plan for Acciaierie di Verona was launched, aimed at enhancing one of the historical sites in the Italian steelwork panorama, while creating one of the most innovative wire rod rolling plants in the world. The “Masterplan” business plan entails the extensive technological upgrade of manufacturing facilities to improve product quality. The project will also entail the upgrading of infrastructures and facilities to improve working environments to the benefit of all company workers. This plan is implemented by preserving continuity of operations and by keeping the employment levels of the manufacturing site unchanged and it is an example of innovation by the Pittini Group.


Mondini Cavi has an industrious and peaceful history, just like the town of Caprino Veronese, the pleasant foothill location which has been hosting us since the early 1970s.
In the mid 1970s we moved from those initial premises in the centre of Caprino to more suitable offices and buildings in the new industrial area, with a view to future growth.
We created one of the first entirely automated systems for copper wiredrawing in the original 5,500 m² covered area. About ten years later, the new 3,000 m² wing was built to extend the finished product warehouse, the packaging division and the testing and approval laboratory.
Lastly, with the construction of a further building, we were able to add vulcanization lines to produce rubber insulated cables.


Serego Alighieri Estate
On October 22, after the plant tours at Pittini’s and Mondini Cavi’s facilities, the two groups will gather in the Serego Alighieri Estate for a tasting of Valpolicella and Amarone wines from the worldwide famous Masi winery, and a buffet featuring local specialties. The Serego Alighieri Estate has an historical, cultural and wine tradition of over 650 years, the longest in the Valpolicella region.

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