Victrex and Magma score a record!

foto BTo reduce the manufacturing and exploration costs involved in undersea O&G systems, Magma Global Limited has developed the flessibilem- pipe® technology. This recent system of light and continuous pipes represents the biggest and longest structure made of VICTREX® PEEK  implemented with the support and experience of Victrex. It can reach the depth of 10,000 feet (3000 m) and manage pressures up to 15 Ksi (Kilopound per square inch). The composite tube combines the VICTREX® PEEK with a high degree of carbon fibre and with S-2 glass fibre, which contribute in the implementation of an undersea intervention line that satisfies the requisites of a hydraulic pumping system able to manage high pressure and high flowrate speeds. Magma proposes its m-pipe® and the related integrated unwinding system as solution installed at the stern of the ships to perform fast maintenance interventions at the well. The unwinding system is equipped with modular coil with intervention management system on the line of m-pipe®, integrated tensioning system, winding level, control cabinet, hydraulic power unit, installation platform and winch, for the fast unwinding and rewinding. The integrated system Magma allows intervening in undersea operations in continuous and efficient manner, maximizing the current production. Magma system and the high-performance m–pipes® allow the pumping at high pressures and speeds of intervention fluids in undersea oil wells from small-size boats.




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