Dimac: control station for the high-speed heat treatment control

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Massimo Agrati, general director of Dimac

Automated control, measuring and sorting machines produced by Dimac can be equipped with one or more stations for the heat treatment as optional. The heat treatment control is performed through the modality of eddy currents. In the models based on rotating disk like MCV1MCV3 and MCV4, the eddy-current station can be equipped with a cylindrical probe positioned and regulated above the piece head, or with a U probe installed under the table, in particular cases with a coil probe that moves along the screw shank. On the MCV2 control machine, with inclined V-guide, the probe is a coil and the pieces slide inside the probe along the V-guide. For applications of this kind, the availability of compliant and non-compliant samples is very important. The availability of non-compliant samples, subdivided into hardness classes, is essential for a precise regulation of the eddy-current device that operates with the signal comparison method. Each piece is scanned by using a complete range up to 24 frequencies to detect the minimal variations of the material structure. Dimac collaborates with outstanding manufacturers of NDT instruments for the material quality and crack control and for the assessment of the heat treatment.

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