Tkt Group signs a partnership agreement with PH Chem.Co.

foto 2 OKTkt Group signs a partnership agreement with the Company PH Chem, enterprise headquartered at Busan, in South Korea, operating in the production and distribution of drawing lubricants. PH Chem will be agent and exclusive distributor in Korea of Koner threaders, of Tecnovo lubricants and of the wide range of auxiliary products for drawing that Tkt offers to its customers. In this first phase, they will launch on the Korean market the innovative Tecnolubre FM/913 lubricants, product based on sodium, 100% borax-free, which is derived from boron and nitrites and drastically reduces the dustiness in the working environment, diminishes consumptions and eliminates product wastes, and Sintek FL/22, emulsifiable oil for bath drawing deriving from products of vegetal origin and renewable sources, quality line already international leader. At the same time, they will propose the pressure threaders Koner K.340, product studied to satisfy the most demanding market requests according to a strategy of strong saving, improvement and constancy of performances and of environmental impact, whose revolutionary idea consists in the core modularity and in the lubrication improvement. Besides, the Tkt Group will collaborate with PH Chem to produce innovative calcium-based lubricants in Korea. The company’s target consists in providing customers not only with very high quality products and services but also in offering adequate technical after sale service, in order to optimize the drawing process through the winning combination of threaders/lubricants.

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