SICK launches ISD400 PRO for the high-speed data transmission

foto 3 SICK_ISD400 OKSICK S.p.A., Italian branch of SICK AG, company specialized in the production of sensors, presents the new ISD400 Pro, the optical data transmitter for a simple and fast wireless communication. The automatic trucks for the deposit and collection of goods more and more often use data concerning the positions dynamically calculated. Depending on productivity requisites, ISD400 Pro can be programmed for an operation modality optimized for high speeds or to pursue a low energy consumption. The laser data transmission via Ethernet with band up to 100Mbit/s offers several advantages, including the simultaneous sending of images in real time and position data, in this way facilitating the analysis and the correction of failures, as well as the system optimization. The diagnostics possibilities by means of display and digital outputs provide various options for a fast commissioning and a high operational availability. Long service life and energy efficiency are integrated into the transmission system. ISD400 Pro is the only optical data transmitter on the market able to offer a laser light transmitter that can be switched off during pause phases. From the mechanical and electrical point of view, ISD400 Pro has been designed for a plug & play installation. Together with the new distance sensors with long radius of the DL100 series by SICK, ISD400 Pro systems represent a powerful solution for the wireless data transmission and the precise positioning of trucks and stacker cranes in automated warehouses.

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