TKT GROUP: Outstanding products for high quality drawing

TKT groupCollage2 OKThe Tkt Group is pleased to present some exclusive and innovative products considered market leaders for many years:


Emulsifiable and biodegradable lubricant based on natural compounds deriving from renewable sources; the product is free from mineral oils, boron derivatives and chlorine.
The SINTEK FL/22 combines detergent and lubricating properties with an excellent resistance of the emulsion to soaps pollution generating from previous dry drawing.
By the use of this product it’s very easy to obtain finished wire with a very low surface residual, perfect for subsequent galvanic treatments such as copper plating, bronzing or galvanizing.
Sintek FL/22 has long been considered the market leader, it’s used at very low concentrations, 2-4%, extremely inferior to other competitor products ; it greatly reduces the lubricant consumption generating tangible and evident benefits in the drawing process.

Calcium and sodium based lubricant derived from animal and vegetable sources. The product is free from boron, sulfur, titanium dioxide derivatives and also from other compounds potentially dangerous to humans or to the environment.
The TECNOLUBRE FM/430 is partially soluble in water and with an excellent resistance to temperature: thanks to these characteristics it’s used in all the drawing steps for welding electrodes drawing process.
The product is specially indicated for processes where the final wire is cleaned in water and cut to size directly in line with the wire drawing machine.


High quality drawing die composed by a nib with internal geometry and carbides composition specially formulated in order to increase the lubricating properties and wear resistance.
The long nib is used for high carbon and galvanized wire drawing. The very peculiar geometry of this innovative die improves the wire sliding in the die and avoids, in the galvanized wire process, the zinc removal from the surface, considerably improving the wire surface characteristics.

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