Tailored fastening solutions from Bossard

bossardBossard manufactures a wide product range includes cold extruded parts, turned parts, milled parts, stamped parts and bent parts as well as special surface treatments or coatings.

Turned and milled parts – Where high precision, tight tolerances and complicated forms are required, a metal-removing process which involves turning, milling and drilling is to be recommended. These methods are suitable for prototypes and all batch sizes, from the smallest series to high volume production.

Extrusion parts – Material, form, production tolerances and similar performance targets decide whether an engineered part can be produced by the more economic extrusion process. Since special tools are required for the forming process, batches will, as a rule, need to be correspondingly large. Depending on part geometry and material, smaller batch sizes are also possible.

Punched and bent parts – Fastening elements, washers and many other parts for machinery and equipment construction are formed by punching and bending technologies.

Finishing treatment – Custom solutions with specific requirements are often caused by the finishing treatment of norm or engineered parts.

Competent partner – There are thousands of manufacturers around the world who produce engineered parts by a variety of different methods. The problem is not how to find a manufacturer, but how to shortlist the manufacturers who will produce products continuously, to top quality, at the appointed time but nonetheless at low cost. Specialists at Bossard travel all around the world, day in, day out, in order to find, evaluate and continuously supervise the most adequate sources of supply for customers.

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