New anti-corrosion treatment: Foreverbolt NL-19

foreverbolt_test-229The Foreverbolt NL-19 treatment is an advanced corrosion protection that can dramatically reduce future maintenance and repair costs. It modifies the surface of stainless steel products, producing a brighter finish, increased strength, and superior corrosion resistance all without affecting the fastener’s exterior dimensions.

“Stainless steel fasteners have remained unchanged since their creation nearly 80 years ago,” explains company founder Patrick Vogel. “Under normal conditions ordinary stainless fasteners will corrode and fail, resulting in unwanted replacement and maintenance costs. The NL-19 treatment modifies the surface of stainless steel fasteners in a way that increases their corrosion resistance by more than 7x. Not only were we successful in preventing corrosion but after treatment, the fasteners are 1.9% stronger. It’s nothing short of amazing!”

“With so many industries needing corrosion-resistant fasteners, we are experiencing a high demand for our NL-19 treated products,” adds Vogel. “We could not be more thrilled to have teamed up with Grainger to bring this technology to the marketplace.”

Foreverbolt proudly offers an ever-growing number of NL-19 treated fasteners for use in industries including food processing, petroleum, home building, piers, bridges and roadways, automotive, marine, recreational equipment, aviation and water treatment, just to name a few. Grainger currently stocks 453 Foreverbolt fasteners and is looking to expand offering.

ASTM B117 salt spray and hardness-tensile test data for Foreverbolt’s NL-19 treated products can be found at

Headquartered in Signal Hill, CA, Foreverbolt has one mission — to prevent the corrosion of stainless steel fasteners. With more than 30 years of engineering and fabrication knowledge, we understand how to make a better fastener.

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