Solutions for fiber optic cabling to the workplace by Reichle & De-Massari

R&M, the globally active Swiss developer and supplier of cabling systems for top-quality and highly efficient network infrastructures, is supporting the operators of local data networks by launching the Passive Optical LAN (POL).

The recently published POL solution catalog features a complete range for setting up fiber-based, structured cabling systems.

“POL is the logical continuation of the Passive Optical Network (PON) technology in the building,” says Lars Züllig, Product Manager FO LAN Cabling at R&M in Wetzikon.

POL offers an alternative to traditional copper cabling. The fiber optic solution follows the principles of structured cabling, creates space in conduits and makes floor distributor rooms redundant.

Züllig: “Just one single mode fiber leads to the workplace whereas you used to find up to four bulky copper cables in the conduit. An upgrade of the transmission speed has no influence on the passive infrastructure and can therefore be used much longer. In addition the greater transmission distances of POL enable new cabling implementations and structures. POL particularly demonstrates its strengths in extensive installations with a relatively low density of use or at sites with a number of individual buildings.”

Another advantage is that the passive POL infrastructure may well be less expensive than copper cabling.

“That does, however, depend on the individual requirements,” emphasizes Lars Züllig. Ease of use, redundancy, reserves and the flexibility of the data connections are all factors which influence the level of the investment.

The professional office environment places great demands on quality, reliability and connection convenience. The cabling must always be able to support moves, adds and changes (MAC) at and to the workplace.

R&M advises planners and installers to discuss the POL installation requirements with their customers in depth to find the optimal solution for a specific project.

R&M perfectly combines its extensive experience in FTTH and LAN cabling to implement individually tailored network concepts.

To date there have been very few dedicated solutions on the market particularly for the last meters of POL cabling.

The wide R&M range enables the installation of customized and sturdy variants of optical network termination (ONT) at the workplace and gives planners, system integrators and installers incredible freedom in terms of structure and connection technology.

The R&M POL solutions catalog published recently provides an overview.

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