Simplex Rapid: a quality tradition

simplex rapidInnovation and quality are the features that have always defined the SIMPLEX RAPID production. Established in 1984, the company proposes, right from the beginning, an innovative offer (a patented system of rotary cutting without wire stop) which distinguishes it from the other competitors in the springs machines production. SIMPLEX RAPID designs, produces and sets up several product lines for the wire and the metal tube processing: high speed, right-handed CNC spring coiling machine, FX series; right and left CNC spring coiling machine, MC series; torsion and not round section CNC spring coiling machine, MT series; thin wires and capillary tubes strightening and cutting machines, APR series; strightening and cutting machines for wires and tubes till Ø 16 mm, with hyperbolic rolls and electronic motorized reels system for the unwinding of the yarn by hank. A broad selection that has enabled the company to close 2014 with outstanding results (+30%). Although it’s a reality pointed towards the global market (90% of the production gets exported and Germany is the main market, with its 40%, followed by United States with 15%), SIMPLEX RAPID mantains its production site in Italy, in San Giuliano Milanese (MI). The factory, which occupies an area of about 25,000 square meters, allows to gather under one roof all the production phases: design, software development, mechanical production, assemply, eletrical wiring. The chance of being able to control and manage the entire production process is a guarantee of better quality, both for the mechanical components and for the tools subject to wear and tear (standard tools and tools for special applications). Closing, SIMPLEX RAPID has recently expanded its range of FX series machines, introducing the FX 5 (Ø 0,1-0,8 mm), FX 10 (Ø 0,15 – 1,1 mm), FX 15 (Ø 0,25-1,5 mm) and FX 30 (Ø 0,4 – 3,0 mm) models: a spring coiling machine family, which is defined by the reduced size and the high performance. As a matter of fact, thanks to the careful engineering, it was possible to reduce the mechanical components of 30%. This saving has allowed to offer the machines at a very competitive price, especially when compared to the technical content: price reduction of 10-15%, performance increase of 30-50%.

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