Cometo: new wire payoffs SVO2000 and SVO500

A sv02000 copyThe company Cometo, specialized in the production of equipment for the metal wire, cable and tube widens its range of products with two wire payoffs: SVO2000 and SVO500. Suitable for unwinding round or profiled wires from coils or bobbin, up to a wire maximum diameter of 15 mm, SVO2000 is the powered Cometo payoff with maximum allowed load of 2000 kg. With 400V feeding, SVO2000 is provided with vertical spool rotation axis and tensioner that allows keeping a constant tension of the wire in entrance. Besides, Cometo payoff has a spool height from the floor level of 475mm and the disk diameter of 1800mm by which it is supported is ideal if used in combination with wire cutting Cometo MTF machines. Another novelty presented by the Lombard company is the payoff SVO500 with maximum loading capacity of 500 kg. With vertical spool rotation axis, this non-motorized payoff is suitable for unwinding round or profiled wires from coil, up to a maximum diameter of 5mm. The spool height from the floor level is 290mm, while the diameter of the disk supporting it is 1000mm.

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