Prysmian Group to provide electrucity to Channel Island in UK

Prysmian-Cables-for-Normandie-1-LinkPrysmian Group will build the “Normandie 1” project to provide electricity to Jersey in the Channel Islands from the French mainland for UK’s Jersey Electricity. The project involves the turn-key supply and installation of a High Voltage Alternate Current (HVAC) cable connection from France (Surville) to Jersey (Archirondel).

The project comprises the production and installation of 28 km 90 kV 3-core cable in a single length, as well as related network components and specialist jointing works. Prysmian will provide design, supply and commissioning of the submarine and land cable connections as part of a larger contract worth almost €28 million ($30.7 million) , awarded to the consortium between Prysmian and VBMS; VBMS will perform the marine cable laying operations, including protection and landfall activities.

The submarine cable will replace the existing obsolete Normandie 1 interconnector and its 100 MW capacity will be shared by both Jersey and Guernsey islands under the CIEG (Channel Islands Electricity Grid) partnership agreement, which is the vehicle through which the local utilities procure power from EDF in France.

The submarine cables for the Normandie 1 link will be produced at the Arco Felice plant, Italy, with completion scheduled in October 2016. The link will complement the existing interconnectors to provide the Channel Islands with a significant increase in their power import capability from France.

The award follows the successful completion of the Normandie 3 link, also provided by Prysmian, in 2014, as part of a significant 10 year investment program by Jersey Electricity in their transmission network infrastructure.

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