PROTON Products Introduces its new handheld wire temperature measuring device

InteliTHERM HTG400

PROTON Products, the global leader for wire and cable measurement and control instruments, recently introduced its new InteliTHERM HTG400 handheld wire temperature gauge at Interwire 2017 held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

This instrument is suitable for use on all bare wire types and comprises a special bimetallic wheel construction with integrated electronics for precise, responsive measurement performance.

It provides high-precision wire temperature measurement of better than ±0.5oC up to 400oC (752oF).

This innovative instrument requires the user to simply touch the wire on the exit from the preheater to get an accurate reading.

The temperature can be shown in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit using a single pushbutton and the results are viewed on an easy-to-read LCD display with an LED backlight screen for clarity.

The gauge is fully portable and is supplied with an integrated battery that provides more than 1000 measurements from a full charge.

The bare wire measurement diameter range covers from 0.3mm to 10mm (0.018in to 0.393in) and can measure line speeds up to 2000m/min.

Preheating the conductor is essential to eliminate “Thermal Shock” between a cold (ambient temperature) wire and a relatively hot material flowing from the extruder.

Preheating the conductor to the same temperature as the extruded insulation eliminates voids that cause pinholes and spark faults, which helps to ensure the correct adhesion and electrical properties of the finished product.



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