Northwire expands its New Mexico cable manufacturing facility

Having opened in 2004, Northwire’s wire and cable manufacturing facility in Santa Teresa, N.M. continues to receive increased customer demands for a wide range of standard and custom wire and cable systems and personalized cable solutions.

In response to this, Northwire is expanding upon the capabilities of this facility by transitioning to a continuous 24 hours a day and seven days a week operation structure.

The NWI Santa Teresa team is being expanded to accommodate the increase in cable assembly production with an anticipated start date of March 27 for the new 24/7 schedule.

Strategically positioned, NWI’s facility within the Santa Teresa region is ideal for copper sourcing and distribution to the Southwest, Mexico, and Central and South America making this geographic location rich with business opportunities.

The team at the NWI Santa Teresa facility also offers:

  • Research and development for cable products
  • Extreme quality testing
  • Individualized customer care

Furthermore, Northwire’s partnership as a LEMO Group Company offers fully integrated cable and connector solutions for engineers within the aerospace, energy, industrial, and medical cable markets.

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