New ultra-high-fiber-count ribbon cables from Sumitomo Electric Industries

Slotted-Core-NewSumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has introduced a new series of ultra-high-fiber-count ribbon cables to meet the growing need for high fiber density in data centers. The new cables are available in fiber counts of 1152, 1728, and 3456.

The new cables feature a slotted configuration for easy handling and quick fiber identification. Among the series, the highest-fiber-count cable accommodates 3456 fibers in an outer diameter of 34 mm while withstanding direction-free bending, and thus allows for easy installation in a 2-inch duct space. The Company’s pliable ribbon technology enables the 12-fiber ribbon to easily conform to small diameters and to be spliced with a conventional 12-fiber mass fusion splicer. The cables are available in two types: with a steel strength member or an all-dielectric strength member in the center of the cable.

Also featured is a dry water-blocking tape that requires no cable flooding gels, thereby eliminating the cleaning and blocking preparation associated with standard gel-filled cables. The use of a completely dry cable speeds up overall installation, termination, and splicing while significantly saving customers’ time and costs.

These new cables are a part of an ultra-high-density solution including fiber optic cabinets, closures, and pre-terminated hardware. With these products and solutions, Sumitomo Electric will build its competitive advantage in the industry.

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