New range of nylon and stainless steel identification cable ties from HellermannTyton

ffm-96-HellermannTyton-001HellermannTyton has developed a range of nylon and stainless steel identification cable ties complete with an integrated RFID tag, which enable users to save time and implement secure cable management solutions.

HellermannTyton’s new single fix RFID cable tie enables users to easily integrate data within a cable tie and fix cables and equipment that need to carry a serial number for tracking and identification purposes. The single fix RFID cable tie provides larger capacity and productivity, working in sync with existing systems.

Although not a new concept, HellermannTyton points out that RFID is being used to work with existing coding and software and provides a fool proof way to ensure cable management is safe, secure and readable. Similar to a barcode the tag is a data carrier, which holds pre-programmed information in a small computer chip and operates on a wide range of frequencies.

Intelligent, ideal for use within all sectors, and compact, RFID data technology is being used within the industry to collate and register products that can talk to a network system. It acts as a tracker that can be read even when the labelling cannot. Benefits of the tags include taking away manual reading mistakes; the ability to pre-programme a serial number to provide a direct link to a network without human contact; and compatibility with existing systems.

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