New MINIMAT®-E spindle screwdriver from DEPRAG SCHULZ

MINIMAT®-E spindle screwdriverDEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO releases MINIMAT®-E spindle screwdriver with mechanical shut-off clutch which guarantees reliability whilst retaining top functionality and torque accuracy.

The MINIMAT-E screwdriver operates using the well established principle of the mechanical shut-off clutch. Using the shut-off clutch guarantees torque accuracy of 3% standard deviation, irrespective of the screw joint. In many cases however even better accuracy can be achieved so that under certain conditions a machine capability index of ≥ 1.67 can be attained even with a tolerance requirement of ±10%. This means that the error rate is less than 0.6 per million screw assemblies. For further enhancement of the processing reliability the screw-in depth and screwdriver shut-off can additionally be monitored.

Depending on application case significantly shorter cycle times can be achieved as this screwdriver runs at maximum speed right up to the shut-off point of the clutch. Whereas in order to reach the stated accuracy other controlled screwdrivers are subject to a speed reduction before shut-off.

The screwdriver is designed for tough industrial use with high-quality, robust system components guaranteeing reliability and a long lifespan. The maintenance free brushless EC drive provides outstanding dynamics and high top torques ideal for screw tightening.
The screwdriver is available with push-to-start or remote start PLC signal. As well as screw assembly to torque the remote start version can carry out screw assembly to designated screw-in depth or a defined loosening procedure via reversal of the screwdriver.

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