Magnetek introduced new cable reel product line

Magnetek cable reels

Magnetek Inc., a supplier of digital power and motion control systems for the material handling, fluid power and marine terminal industries, announced the availability of its new cable reel product line.

Magnetek cable reels are designed to be mounted on moving machinery and used to supply power for the automatic winding of flexible power or control cables.

The company offers both spring-driven and motorized electric cable reels, as well as slip ring assemblies.

Available in five sizes, Magnetek’s Industrial Duty Spring Reels provide a cost-effective, pre-engineered solution for general purpose applications such as overhead material handling cranes, mobile cranes, construction cranes, emergency and rescue vehicles, monorails, excavators, and welding systems.

Mill Duty Spring Reels, available in a multitude of sizes, are designed for optimum performance on overhead cranes, monorails, and magnet cranes operating in rugged environments such as mills, foundries, and other heavy-duty industries.

Magnetek’s Motorized Cable Reels are ideal for long travel lengths and high voltage applications such as log handling gantry cranes, port gantry cranes, mobile excavators, ship-to-shore cranes, deck and construction cranes, particularly on runway motions, and hoisting equipment of all types.

Custom engineered slip ring assemblies are also available for any size or configuration and deliver consistent power to rotating components, ensuring continuous revolution.

Communication and fiber optic slip rings are also available. Magnetek cable reels may be packaged with any of the Company’s industry-leading power and motion control products.

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