The new M12 Power L-code is now available in all versions


The new M12 Power L-code is now available to HARTING customers from the warehouse in all versions.

The range is suitable for customers who are looking to implement their own Industrie 4.0 solutions.

Initial prototypes of the new M12 for providing secure power supply to industry devices were trialled with the previous SPS solutions, and HARTING is now going ahead with the full range.

The new M12 Power product is designed for the industrial requirements of tomorrow.

Delivering powerful 0.75kW current but with compact dimensions – this is the new standard connection for power applications in confined spaces.

Replacing 7/8” solutions, the M12 Power L-coded with new power connector to standard IEC 61076-2-111 offers standardised housing connections – a major step towards miniaturisation in the power connector sector.

With a space-saving housing and pioneering performance, the M12 L-coded is the ideal power supply solution for demanding operating conditions.

Combined with the 360° shield, the metal housing also provides good EMC protection. The 4 Power contacts and FE cable can carry power to field distributor boxes, network devices and even small servo motors.

Devices and associated controls can therefore be provided with sufficient power via an M12 connection: miniaturisation in motion.

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