LUTZE introduces unshielded Ethernet Cat6 cable

LUTZE CAT6 UTP Ethernet cable for light industrial duty

LUTZE is expanding its industrial Ethernet cable offering with an unshielded cable for light industrial duty CAT6 UTP 4X2XAWG23 with PVC jacket.

According to the Charlotte, N.C. company, the cable is intended for use in low-noise industrial environments where the effort of installing a shielded cable does not offer any benefit for the application.


The cable has a teal colored jacket and is UL Listed Type CMR, CMX Outdoor and UL Recognized per AWM 21695 600V.

It presents an economical solution for industrial environments where commercial grade Ethernet cable will not suffice.

The PVC jacket is designed to last longer in industrial environments as it is oil, abrasion and sun-light resistant, allowing one cable for applications inside and outside the plant.

Suitable for cable tray installation per NEC 800 and 600V rated for installation on the machine and inside the control panel.

Thanks to the center spline design, LUTZE Cat6 UTP offers superior electrical performance exceeding Category 6 requirements. Solid copper conductors support easy termination with IDC technology.

This cable complements LUTZE’s already broad Ethernet cable and connectivity products.

LUTZE designs and manufactures control products for factory automation and specializes in flexible industrial cables such as Silflex, Superflex, and Driveflex; and grounding and wire-management products, compact power supplies, LSC-Wiring System for control cabinets, current control system LOCC-box and LCIS relays.

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