LGS Innovations LLC gives to DARPA contract for rapidly deployable undersea network

LGS Innovations LLC Awarded DARPA Contract For Rapidly Deployable Undersea NetworkLGS Innovations LLC, a provider of networking and communication solutions to government and commercial organizations worldwide, awarded a $1.9 million contract for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Tactical Undersea Network Architectures (TUNA) program.

LGS Innovations LLC – along with Linden Photonics and Tethers Unlimited – will aim to develop the world’s strongest neutrally-buoyant undersea cable for an undersea fiber optic based network. Under the terms of the contract, LGS will provide model simulations, design, and analysis as well as scaled development and demonstration for the technology over a period of 15 months.

“The goal of the program is to ensure that our armed forces retain an information advantage even in contested environments where potential adversaries may attempt to disrupt other communication channels,” said Kevin Kelly, CEO of LGS Innovations LLC. “LGS’ advanced R&D capabilities will be leveraged to support of our national defense through extreme cutting edge network technology and science.”

The DARPA TUNA program seeks to temporarily restore tactical data network connectivity in contested environments through the use of novel optical-fiber-based technology. Currently in an initial phase, the program emphasizes concept and technology development in three technical areas: system design, small fiber optic cable systems, and buoy nodes. DARPA plans a second phase focused on the implementation of an integrated end-to-end network prototype.

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