Leoni developed fire-retardant cables available with CPR

Leoni fire-retardant cables minimize flame propagation and the release of caustic gases and smoke

Leoni, a leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, has developed fire-retardant cables that significantly reduce flame propagation and heat generation in buildings and simultaneously minimize the release of caustic gases and smoke.

The products are now also available with CPR (Construction Products Regulation) approval for industrial applications. The cables have been tested according to the new European EN 50575 standard.

Since July 2017, power and control cables as well as communication cables comprising copper or fiber-optic construction, which are intended for permanent use in buildings, must comply with the European EN 50575 standard—compliant cables are given a CE mark in accordance with the EU 305/2011 Construction Products Regulation.

Leoni’s fire-retardant cables fulfil the regulation’s requirements and can reduce flame propagation and heat generation, while simultaneously releasing less caustic gases and smoke.

The specific aim with these cables is to prevent fires in buildings and to reduce the risks of any fire that does occur. These cables are available in seven classifications – Aca, B1ca, B2ca, Cca, Dca, Eca and Fca.

Leoni also provides certified industrial cables with CPR approval, such as a PROFIBUS cable and a PROFINET cable for automation engineering.

These cables are designed for fixed internal wiring in industrial networks and guarantee first-rate transmission properties for use in rough ambient conditions. Leoni also provides CPR-approved EIB (European Installation Bus) cables that are deployed in building automation; among other things to control blinds, to regulate heating and for alarm systems.

All these cables have halogen-free FRNC jackets, which inhibit fire and prevent smoke from developing; nor do they have any corrosive components.

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