L-com launched new IP67 waterproof ethernet cables

L-com Global Connectivity has launched a new series of IP67-rated, waterproof, Ethernet cables designed to address harsh environment networking applications.

The innovative design of L-com’s new IP67 waterproof cables allows them to be used with IP-rated receptacles for a watertight seal, or they can be used with standard RJ45 jacks.

This eliminates the need to find specialized cables that are IP-rated on one end and have a standard RJ45 on the other end. This dual functionality is accomplished by a waterproof shroud that can be pulled back to mate with standard RJ45 jacks.

Additional features include a foil shield to protect against EMI/RFI interference, a tethered dustproof shroud cap and a CMX outdoor burn rating.

These versatile cables are available in both Category 5e and Category 6 versions and are compatible with L-com’s WPBH-series of RJ45 jacks for an IP67-rated seal.

“These new IP67 Ethernet cables provide the flexibility of being able to mate to standard or IP-rated jacks, meaning our customers can save time and money by purchasing just one assembly to address multiple applications. The innovative design of these cables is sure to appeal to our industrial, military and transportation customers,” said Dustin Guttadauro, Product Manager.

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