Jenoptik will supply lasers for medical use to US customer

160614_Jenoptik_US-Order_500x280Jenoptik has received a major order in its Optics & Life Science segment and will supply lasers for medical use to a US customer. The order will be processed over three years and has an overall volume of more than 11 million US dollars (about 10 million euros).

The lasers to be delivered are diode-pumped thin-disk lasers of the Jenoptik JenLasĀ® D2 product family. They emit laser light at 532 nanometers and are ideal for integration into laser systems for retinal disease therapy.

Jenoptik has produced lasers for medical technology at the Jena plant since 1999. More than 20,000 of these lasers are used around the world, in medical technology usually for ophthalmology, dermatology, surgery, and urology. Advantages of the new laser methods are medically gentle operations and high precision.

Jenoptik is one of the few providers worldwide that can manufacture complex lasers and laser systems in production series meeting the strict process safety and quality standards for medical technology. Besides lasers, Jenoptik also manufactures optics and sensor systems for use in the medical technology sector as well as for life-science applications.

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