From innovative material concept to high-performance steel solution

Contributing ideas’: Steeltec’s comprehensive and integrated approach helps its customers achieve cost-efficient production of components that are optimised to meet their specific application requirements © Steeltec Group

Special steels and high-tech industrial components have something in common: they both have to be of high quality and they both have to deliver long-term high performance. In view of rising market costs, steel processing companies and component manufacturers increasingly need reliable and cost-efficient fabrication processes.


An electric arc furnace at Swiss Steel, a Steeltec affiliate, is used to melt the raw material for ETG® and HSX® bright steels. Photo © Swiss Steel / Steeltec Group

Finding the ideal steel solution for a specific technological application requires a detailed understanding of steel as an engineering material and how its properties can be tailored to meet performance requirements. The business philosophy at Steeltec is expressed by its motto ‘Contributing ideas’, which encapsulates the company’s approach as an expert development partner for tailored special steel solutions.

By carefully adjusting the process parameters during the bar drawing process, Steeltec is able to influence the microstructure and the physical and mechanical properties of its special steels. © Steeltec Group

Step 1: Keep the entire value creation chain in your sights


Five steps to a customised, application-specific material: A development partnership with Steeltec paves the way to high-performance steel solutions. © Steeltec Group

Step 3: Precision-targeted steel production  


By selecting the right type of high-strength special steel from Steeltec and by machining or processing it to meet specific application requirements, Steeltec’s customers can achieve cost-effective production of high-performance steel components with long service lives. © Steeltec Group

 Step 5: Establishing a development partnership

Who is Steeltec

© Steeltec Group

The SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group is one of the foremost providers of customised solutions in the field of special-steel long products. S+B is one of the leading producers of tool steel and stainless long products in the global marketplace and is one of the top two companies in Europe for alloyed and high-alloy engineering steel.

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