HELUKABEL: Control Cables Pass UL -40°C Cold Bend Test

Helukabel cold bend test

HELUKABEL, one of the world’s leading cable manufacturers, announced that seven TRAYCONTROL family of products have passed the UL -40°C Cold Bend Test and have enhanced their conductor temperature ratings from 90°C dry/75°C wet to 90°C dry/wet.

Electrical cables are exposed to harsh temperature extremes, where both low and high temperature fluctuations impact a cable‘s performance.

The TRAYCONTROL 500, TRAYCONTROL 500-C, TRAYCONTROL 530, TRAYCONTROL 550 TPE, TRAYCONTROL 600, TRAYCONTROL 600-C, and TRAYCONTROL X cable products are now tested in accordance with UL, CSA and NEC for applications where bending in cold temperatures is required in temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F).

Cold bend testing determines how the entire cable (conductors, insulation, jackets, etc.) might react to cold temperature bending, which is often required when installing or working on electrical cables during cold weather conditions.

Cable samples are frozen to a specified temperature for a set number of hours.

Once the freezing process is completed, the samples are wound around a steel mandrel determined by the cables outer diameter.

After winding, the cable is removed and examined for surface damage, i.e. cracks, splits, or tears. If there is no visual surface damage, or issues after undergoing further electrical tests, the cable passes the UL cold bend test.

With new innovations in plastics, HELUKABEL is able to offer it‘s TRAYCONTROL products with a UL tray cable, exposed run (TC-ER) 90° dry/wet approval.

Products with the 90°C dry/wet ratings allow engineers and integrators to design electrical systems for maximum ampacity without concern for the environment (dry/damp/wet) where the cable will be located.

HELUKABEL’s TRAYCONTROL 500, TRAYCONTROL 500-C, TRAYCONTROL 600, TRAYCONTROL 600-C are UL 1277 and 2277 flexible, shielded and non-shielded, oil-resistant (Oil Res I and II) control power cables that have various TC-ER ratings that allow them to be installed in- or outside of a cable tray to connect control panels to machine equipment.

The main difference is the coloring of the outer jackets – TRAYCONTROL 500 and 500-C are gray (RAL 7001), while the TRAYCONTROL 600 and 600-C are black (RAL 9005).

The TRAYCONTROL 530 (PVC) and TRAYCONTROL 550 TPE are UL 1277 and 2277 flexible, oil-resistant (Oil Res I and II) control power cables that have a special combination of TC-ER, PLTC-ER and ITC-ER allowing them to be used as connecting cables for AC, DC or control wiring in accordance with NFPA 79.

The blue-colored conductors are ideal for machine tool and production line suppliers to the automotive industry.

The TRAYCONTROL X is a NFPA 79 compliant flexible control power cable with cross-linked (thermoset) polyethylene (XLPE) insulation.

It is ideal for applications that require long cable runs due to its low capacitance. A higher current load rating is possible due to a conductor temperature resistance of 105°C. The TRAYCONTROL X series is 600 V and WTTC 1000 V rated allowing them to be used in both industrial plant machinery and 1 kV wind turbine cable tray applications.

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