Continuus-Properzi Warns The Chinese Market

Mr. Giulio Properzi, Continuus-Properzi President

The Italian Company is well known as the inventor and promoter of the continuous casting and rolling of Aluminum and Copper rod with the Properzi Process but during the almost seventy years of existence developed several other innovative systems for nonferrous metal; for instance Lead strip lines to feed the Pb-acid batteries industry or the revolutionary Aluminum ingot production lines.

In the past, but more and more recently, unauthorized advertisements or promotional leaflets appeared in the international industry Press or Trade Shows, presenting similar or copied machines with Continuus-Properzi or Properzi brand name, using sometimes also pictures taken from Continuus-Properzi’s literature.

Even the latest, very recent patented method of producing self-annealed copper wires has drawn the attention of unscrupulous Chinese operators.

Continuus-Properzi not only wants to censure this piracy behavior but wishes to warn anybody who is concerned in the nonferrous metal industry that all Continuus-Properzi lines, machines, furnaces or systems are entirely designed and produced in Italy and that no industrial agreement or license has been granted to any Chinese company.

Anything presented with a sort of Properzi sounding must be regarded as a blunt and patched copy that often infringes Continuus-Properzi’s numerous patents or steals Continuus-Properzi’s industrial secrets or know-how.

Continuus-Properzi also regrets that the highly respected Chinese Government does not take sufficient measures to control a limited number of unfair competitors in many industrial fields that highly damage the Chinese international reputation and image with their unscrupulous, unfair and disloyal business behavior.

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