Carlon orange structured cable management system makes installations quicker

T&B Carlon orange cable management

The Carlon Orange Structured Cable Management System (SCMS) from Thomas & Betts (T&B), a member of the ABB Group, is designed to make installation of general-purpose, low-voltage residential wire and cable quicker and facilitate cable replacement as data/communications technology advances.

Colored orange to indicate its use in low-voltage data/communications, or structured cabling applications, the Carlon Orange SCMS features non-metallic boxes and brackets for cable systems in residential applications that are designed for quick and easy installation. (Other colors are available for identification or preference.)

Low-voltage brackets with open backs, for example, accommodate the bending radii required for low-voltage coaxial and data/communications cabling, while many of the brackets available in the Carlon Orange SCMS snap into place without the need for fasteners. In addition to easy installation, Resi-Gard flexible raceway and fittings are easily accessible to upgrade structured cabling.

“Resi-Gard flexible raceway and fittings are an integral part of what makes the Carlon Orange SCMS a product that will continue to be useful as technology advances,” said Ralph Donati, product marketing director, Installation Products, at ABB Electrification Products.

“Facilitating the addition or upgrading of structured cable enables the homeowner to keep up with advances in data/communications technology easily. The easy access that Resi-Gard raceway provides keeps costs down when it becomes necessary to update structured cabling.”

The Carlon Orange SCMS also includes low-voltage add-on brackets that snap on easily to existing electrical outlets, and low-voltage adjustable brackets, which accommodate any wall thickness with the turn of a screw.

In addition to low-voltage boxes and brackets, the Carlon Orange SCMS includes a dual-voltage box and bracket that eliminate the need to install separate boxes for electrical and structured cabling, as well as the need for alignment tools.

Unlike the other components of the Carlon Orange SCMS, the dual-voltage box and bracket are colored blue to indicate that they house electrical wiring. The Carlon Orange SCMS also includes fittings and connectors that install without tools.

The Carlon Orange SCMS is UL certified and is available in ¾-, 1-, 1¼-, 1½- and 2-in. sizes.

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