Cab Wire World to be held in Milan

Save the date. The forthcoming edition of the annual International technical conference is about to take place in Milan on November 4th and to be followed by special guided plant tours of Alenia Aermacchi and Ori Martin, leading Italian manufacturers respectively based in Brescia and Varese.

The sixth Cab Wire World Conference ( is about to be held in Milan, Italy, on November 4th and November 5th and it is set to take place at Palazzo Turati, which hosts the institutional headquarters of Milan Chamber of Commerce since 1954 and was designed by Henry Combi back in 1876. The event is titled Innovations driving worldwide wire and cable markets and will cover both the ferrous and non ferrous metals scenarios in two parallel sessions. Panels for both sessions will include a large number of experts from both communities who are expected to present a series of previously unreleased papers about the latest technological developments within the cable and wire industry. The leading international cable and wire technology and business associations have gathered together to organize the conference: Iwtma (International wire and machinery association); The wire association international, Inc. or Wai; the International wire and cable exhibitors association (Iwcea) and the Comité européen de la tréfilerie (Cet). Last but not least an important role is to be played by Acimaf, Associazione dei costruttori italiani di macchine per filo that represents the Italian producers of wire machinery. Panels of discussion about ferrous and non ferrous metals and technology are scheduled on novermber 4th, Monday, starting at 9.30 am.

The following day will offer participants the chance to visit a couple of national industrial excellences, leading manufacturers Ori Martin and Alenia Aermacchi ( Transportation will be provided to reach their plants and facilities respectively based in Brescia and Venegono Superiore (in the Varese province). The Ori Martin group ( is specialized in high quality long steel production thanks to a variety of product units covering different markets, including the automotive sector which represents the company’s core business. Research and development activities allow the Brescia-based group to provide its customers worldwide more than 200 grades of steel. On the other hand world famous Alenia Aermacchi leads the Finmeccanica aeronautics operations in terms of design, integration and support of complex systems both in the commercial and in the defense segments, being part of such international programs as the Eurofighter Typhoon and the F-35 Joint strike fighter or the Ucav. Back to panelists, who are expected to face economical issues together with technical and industrial themes, great attention is focused on Mr. Philip Radbourne. Integer Research’s analyst is in fact about to give the non-ferrous panel’s audience A review of the European wire and cable sector, a keynote speech that on Monday morning will follow Economic Development Specialist’s introduction dubbed Towards a new economy: the maps of Europe and Italy. On the ferrous side of the conference, spotlights are up on Ori Martin’s presentation, written and edited by Alberto Franchi, Fabio Guarneri, Alessandro Lombardi and Vincenzo Volponi. Its subject is Wire rod for the future global market, wire rods being one of the Brescia-based company’s main specialties. To give an idea of the international dimension of the Milanese event, speakers are expected from nine different countries worldwide: China, Italy, Germany, the United States of America and Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Turkey.

cortesia Alenia Aermacchi

Organizers have been working to assure participants from all nations a pleasant stay at special fares at the Starhotel Rosa Grand, in piazza Fontana 3, just a ten minutes walk from palazzo Turati (via Meravigli, 9) and facing the Cathedral’s gorgeous architecture. Room and breakfast excluded, members of such associations as Iwma will have the chance to attend the Cab Wire World international technical conference for a 150 euro fee; whilst non members will have to pay only a little more, 175 euro per person. Further information, together with registration forms are now available on the International wire and machinery association’s website ( as well as on the Wai pages ( Both sources also host the complete Cab Wire World international technical conference program and detailed agenda.

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