AFC Cable Systems announces MC Luminary HCF cables for healthcare applications

AFC cable HCF SolidLuminary

AFC Cable Systems announces MC Luminary HCF (UL type MC-PCS) cables for healthcare facilities.

MC Luminary HCF is a new addition to AFC’s line of MC Luminary metal-clad cables, which combine electric lighting and control circuits under a single interlocked armor.

With a dual grounding path that enhances safety, MC Luminary HCF has been approved for use in patient care areas under NEC 517.13.

The new cable is designed specifically for use with newer energy-saving solid state LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures.

By coupling the standard power wiring for lighting fixtures with the low voltage control wiring under a single armor, a single MC Luminary HCF cable does the job of two cables when connecting to LED and fluorescent fixtures, dimmers, switches, occupancy sensors and other controls.

Their use can save up to 30% of labor and installation costs compared to traditional wiring methods, while also reducing procurement time and material waste.

The MC Luminary HCF cable’s dual grounding path features a combined armor and full-sized aluminum ground/bonding conductor, along with a full-sized green insulated copper grounding conductor.

This provides the necessary redundancy to ensure the highest level of safety in patient care areas equipped with numerous metal-encased devices.

The new lighting control wire design responds to the rapidly increasing use of solid state LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures in healthcare applications.

The MC Luminary HCF cable can be surface-mounted, fished, and/or embedded in plaster. Parallel bonding/grounding conductor enables faster termination.

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