Wire bending machines from BLM Group

bending-blm-groupMetal wire is being used in an increasing number of industries. BLM Group’s wire bending product offering includes the DH-range double-headed machines, especially effective in medium-long, symmetrical and / or closed in parts, with multiple bends and a requirement for flatness of the finished product.

E-Flex is a single-head member of the wire bending family with all electric axes which can bend wire up to 10 mm diameter. The double-turret bending head with clockwise / counter clockwise rotation ensures great flexibility of movement and allow for a variety of bending techniques (draw-bending, kick-bending or variable radius) to achieve production speed and capability to produce parts with bend sequences not always achievable with traditional methods.

Its coil feeder insures continuous operation. The straightening of the wire takes place in a single feed, at a constant speed, without intermediate stops, ensuring accurate straightening and bending repeatability.

The 3D-visual graphical programming (VGP3D) with simulation and continuous visual support of the working zone makes it easy and safe the use the machine. The system is able to automatically correct the program searching in its database for previous bending experiences that can achieve the desired result immediately from the first part.

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