Weidmuller introduces HDC Cable Configurator online design tool

Weidmuller HDC Cable Configurator

Weidmuller HDC Cable Configurator

Weidmuller introduces the “HDC Cable Configurator,” an industry-first online tool created to simplify the task of designing and building custom cable harness and mating assemblies for Weidmuller’s Rockstar Heavy Duty Connectors. This unique tool does more than just simplify the design and assembly of the end-to-end HDC connection – it can help users save time and reduce errors.

Using this “design-to-order” tool, a single part number is assigned to the completed cable harness, and a single part number is created for each mating assembly required for a user’s application. No more than three part numbers are needed for a complete and protected pluggable connection for use between panels, machinery, equipment and more.

The HDC Cable Configurator interface provides users the ability to designate project names so they can save their designs for future access. The configurator guides the user through available options for each side of the harness and mating assemblies. Each step narrows down the choices based on options already selected to ensure a compatible system.

Choices include Weidmuller’s “HE Series” inserts in screw clamp or push-in clamp technology, hood or coupler housings for the harness, and bulkhead, coupler or base housings for the mating assemblies. Users are also able to select additional options if they require a customized solution for an application.

The benefits of using the HDC Cable Configurator extend beyond designing the cable to ordering and quality assurance.

Once a project is created and saved, the data resides in the tool so the user can select the design and print a pdf quote at any time. Quotes include project details, list pricing, a simple rendering, and custom part numbers that can be used to order and obtain data sheets by request.

To ensure product quality, Weidmuller has teamed with an UL Approved cable assembly shop to provide cables that meet with UL and CSA requirements, including continuity and short testing on every harness. All product options provided in the configurator use UL and CSA Listed components.

For more information: www.weidmuller.com

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