Phoenix Contact offers UL listed fiber-optic patch cables

UL listed fiber-optic patch cables meet ANSI/UL Standard 746C.

Phoenix Contact offers UL listed fiber-optic patch cables.

The patch cables (including both cable and connector) are said to be the first of their type to meet ANSI/UL Standard 746C, which describes special requirements for plastic materials used in electrical or electronic applications.

These patch cables range from transmission categories OM1 through OM4.

They are preassembled and available in 1-meter, 2-meter, and custom lengths.

Users can choose from LC-Duplex, SC-Duplex, B-FOC (ST), SC-RJ, and FSMA connectors.

The multimode zip cord patch cables offer fast data transmission up to 10 Gbps.

Other features include a UPC polishing process IL < 0.3 dB; RL > 35 dB; consistent interferometer tests in each certification process; and fire protection in accordance with UL OFNR and LSZH.

Construction includes bend-resistant fibers and extensive testing (including change of climate, vibration, torsion) helps ensure high mechanical and optical transmission quality. Individual test reports are available for each item.

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