U3 H.E.A.T. Wire EDM machine from Makino

Makino’s makino-heat-U3 features a split precision V-guide wire system, 4-sided work table, and the lowest wire consumption in the industry. Like the Makino U3, the U3 H.E.A.T. has five programmable axes.

“This machine is fast, reliable and requires very little maintenance,” Technical Equipment President Lou Olson said. “It was designed to be user friendly and we’re looking forward to showing operators how easy it is to run.”

The Hyper-i control system offers intuitive, interactive and intelligent functions that boost productivity and reduce operator workload. The high-definition, 24″ class size touch screen monitor with Smartphone/tablet functionality makes operation extremely easy and straightforward. With on-board electronic manuals, maintenance procedures and video training system, operators have all of the resources they need to be productive right at their fingertips.

The U3 and U3 H.E.A.T. feature a new cutting technology called HyperCut, which provides superior part accuracy and surface finish. HyperCut is capable of producing a 3umRz surface finish with three-pass machining, and represents a 20 percent reduction in cycle time and 14 percent saving in wire consumption when compared to previous technologies. Materials for steel and carbide have been developed and support both sealed and non-sealed flushing applications. The U3 H.E.A.T. also features Makino’s H.E.A.T. (High Energy Applied Technology) technology for unparalleled wire EDM machining speed and accuracy in parts featuring poor or difficult flushing conditions.

Makino has been the industry leader in low wire consumption technologies, dramatically reducing one of the single largest expenses in operating a wire EDM machine. There are no special settings or “part-time” buttons required to experience this saving; every cutting condition, including sealed and poor flush applications, is automatically optimized and designed from the ground up on the Makino for low wire consumption. Together, these features deliver optimum EDM machining performance with an ideal mix of speed, accuracy and wire consumption for the highest level of overall efficiency, throughput and cost. Only Makino can provide this level of performance in every condition and application.

The U3 and U3 H.E.A.T. contain a diverse cutting condition library with over 2,200 settings for many material types and flushing conditions from 0.004″ to 0.012″Ø wire (0.1~0.3mmØ). These settings include optimized conditions for standard hard brass wires, high-speed coated wires and high-taper soft wires. The depth and versatility of the entire cutting condition library ensure that all applications can be machined at optimum productive levels.

The U3 wire EDM machines use a space-saving and highly rigid design. The dielectric reservoir is built into the base casting of the machine, reducing the footprint while improving thermal stability. Part accuracy is further improved with the stationary worktable design, and the automated front-drop door provides excellent access to the machine and workpiece. A dielectric chiller unit, water quality deionization system, transformer and high-performance filtration system are all standard machine features.

Makino has also developed a unique Pro-Tech circuit that provides electronic galvanic protection to the workpiece in order to prevent or minimize rusting and oxidation. This unique Makino technology is standard on the U3 and U3 H.E.A.T. machines, and it preserves the integrity of the workpiece without the need for chemicals.

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