TPC Wire & Cable Corp. (TPC) releases new power cable

TPC-Super-Trex-Flexible-Medium-Voltage-Single-Conductor-Power-CableLeading supplier of wire, cable, connectors, and assemblies TPC Wire & Cable Corp. (TPC) has introduced a new power cable that simplifies installation in medium voltage applications. Super-Trex® Type MV-105 Flexible Medium Voltage Single-Conductor Power Cable uses a braid shield system to significantly improve flexibility, allowing the installer to easily maneuver the cable into place by hand while reducing downtime and labor cost for the end-user.

With a 5kV to 15kV voltage range and 133% insulation level, Super-Trex® Type MV-105 Flexible Medium Voltage Single-Conductor Power Cable is ideal for use in medium voltage applications requiring flexibility. Flexibility is achieved using rope-bunched, compressed, tin-coated copper conductors within an insulation shield created by the combination of an extruded semi-conductive layer, a semi-conductive tape, and a flexible braid shield of tinned copper and nylon.

Ratings secured for the new power cable render it optimal for use in wet or dry locations in approved raceways and underground ducts, plus cable trays when installed in accordance with NEC guidelines. The cable is listed to UL Standard 1072 and carries an FT4/IEEE 1202 Flame Rating. Resistant to sunlight and oil, it also passes a -40ºC Cold Bend Test. The product is rated for direct burial applications when installed in accordance NEC guidelines, and it is ideal for plant power and distribution, sub-stations, and power conditioning equipment.

“We’re excited to deliver this product to customers, many of whom are familiar with our Type SH medium voltage cable but specifically require a medium voltage cable with a Type MV approval,” said Dave Sedivy, Senior Product Manager at TPC. “Our Type MV-105 is extremely flexible and it’s going to make the installation process quick, easy, and cost-effective for the end-user.” The product benefits a variety of markets including utility & power generation, wood & paper, mining, steel, and OEMs of power conditioning equipment.

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