TKT Group: 75th Anniversary

TKT GROUP is pleased and proud to announce the anniversary of the 75th year of activity (1945 – 2020), taking the opportunity to thank worlwide customers and partners for their support and loyalty during these three quarters of a century.

This milestone is reached in conjunction with events that will leave their mark on corporate history, such as the recent inauguration and extension of the Cremona industrial center, the only hub in the world for the synergic production of drawing dies and lubricants and the internationalization of its leading companies, TECNOVO and KONER, by joint venture and partnership agreements extending and enhancing their influence on the world market.

At the same time, the efforts and investments made in the field of innovation, research and development have been enormous: from the collaboration with two important Italian Universities through multi-year agreements and dedicated staff, to the entry into the group of experts of international caliber in the wire drawing sector.

Tkt Group, founded in the immediate post-war period, over the decades has never lost sight of its mission and hallmarks, despite the changing times and scenarios, that is the search for innovative and forerunner solutions, trying to provide its customers with a 360 ┬░ service, optimizing the results in a context of continuous improvement.

New projects and ideas are on the horizon and we look forward to sharing and celebrating these with you all over the next years!

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